108,777 instant payments have been made for blocked calls so far. What are you waiting for? Download the app and get paid! See these payments happening in real-time!

What kind of calls will I get with KarmaCall?

In addition to getting normal uninterrupted calls from your contact, you'll get these 3 unique kinds of calls. Starting from most likely to least likely.

The most common kind of KarmaCall interaction. Unknown calls get blocked and you get instant cash-back!


Instant CashBack!

Your phone will not ring. The call is sent to voicemail and we instantly pay you as thanks for fighting scams!

A unique kind of KarmaCall. Like a bank micro-deposit to verify ownership, this caller's deposited 5 cents to your account to verify they're willing to take a chance at losing money in order to talk to you. Give these callers a chance! Or don't - it's totally up to you!


Possible Good Call

The caller made a $0.05 deposit! Answer & stay on for 25 seconds to give them a full refund. Hang up early to keep their deposit.

These are commmercial callers who are paying you for every second you're on the phone with them! You'll make more here by staying on the line, than you would by hanging up on them.


Reverse Pay Phone

This person's willing to continually pay you to stay on the phone, like a reverse pay-phone!

Explainer Video!

Check out this quick video about our easy to use app.

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Be part of the Data Revolution

Fight back against scammers who steal billions of dollars every year from vulnerable people.

Our mission is to create a privacy focused market that financially rewards all its participants and is strengthened by numbers. Through KarmaCall, data control becomes your commodity which you can sell or keep to yourself. We believe the future of great businesses is in shared prosperity and that requires that you are financially compensated for your data and time.