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What is KarmaCall?

KaramCall is a mobile app built to stop spam calls, scam calls, and unwanted calls in general. KarmaCall focuses purely on the monetary incentives that motivate spammers. By paying KarmaCall users to block unknown calls, KarmaCall makes your voice valuable; So valuable, that eventually...

  1. Good callers (people not on your contacts list, like old friends & unknown but desired contacts) will risk losing money to you for the chance to start a conversation with you.
  2. Commercial callers will instantly pay you on a minute by minute basis to listen to them or talk.
  3. Scammers will lose more money than they can defraud.

The paid version of KarmaCall allows you to set your own "deposit rates" and "reward rates".

KarmaCall is made possible by FynCom's technology and is wholly owned by FynCom.

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