About Us

KarmaCall's mission is to disrupt the scam economy and get people paid to block spam.

Our Story

KarmaCall is the first application built from FynCom's Rewards technology (Read more here). KarmaCall serves as a consumer empowerment tool and is using the phone call to debut its unique algorithm, driven by deposits and responses/engagement.

Our Logic

Monetary incentives is the biggest driver of spam calls, so we focus SPECIFICALLY on bringing money into the phone call. KarmaCall logic works simlarly to a bank's microdeposits transactions which help banks verify you own a bank account. The BIGGEST difference is we do not require a bank account. The biggest difference from KarmaCall and our friends in the industry, is...

  1. We operate PRIMARILY on a whiltelist based on your contacts list.
  2. We allow non-contacts to deposit money into your KarmaCall account and get it back if a call lasts more than 25 seconds.
  3. We let paid KarmaCallers set their own minimum deposit and rewards limits.