KarmaCall 4.0: Get Cash Back for Blocking Spam Calls

It's here! KarmaCall 4.0 is out, with a fresh new UI and infinitely long call blocking capability. You'll need to sign up to our Beta in the Google Play Store.

The two biggest additions are:

  • Persistent reliability of spam/scam call protection
  • No visual foreground notification is necessary anymore

The thing that excites me most, is being able to focus on adding new features that are applied to both iOS and Android at the same time. We're not there yet, but our team has gotten so much stronger in our front-end skills.

v4.0.0 is released on a test track for Android. Testers will enjoy its main features: (persistent call blocking and rewards payouts per call) while we work on completing the secondary features (referrals, call history management, reward redemptions, etc.).

v4.1.0 will be reserved for the fully complete version on Android.

v4.2.0 will bring our iOS app up to production. At that point, we'll be fully on Kotlin Multiplatform and can focus on bringing the long awaited features, such as...

  • Set your own rates for...
    • KarmaCalls
    • Cash calls
  • Gift card cashout!
    • $1.00 for Amazon
    • $5.00 for others
  • Cash cashout!
    • Venmo will be 1st
    • Zelle, PayPal, & others are planned for Q3 2024 release
    • Referral deep-linking options in the pipeline
  • Long-term attribution / revenue sharing
    • Think "automatic bonus for blocking numbers that eventually join our services & become business customers". I adore the cash-back site models like Ebates (now Rakuten). I see this as a great way to make sure our early adopters can take part in our financial growth over time.

Some sacrifices were made to get v4.0 out. While iOS won't see any changes, Android will only support versions 10+ moving forward. I started to write about why, but realized I wanted to focus on the future and the great things that lie ahead.

Instead, I'll remind you why we're here. This whole endeavor of mine, KarmaCall & FynCom, came out of the desire of ridding myself of micro-distractions. This lets me easily enter into my flow states, which I love so much.

During flow, I'm either 100% in the moment of action or even rarer - I'm in a meditative state where my mind plays its own stories to me - stories that seem to carry audio & visual info...but I know it's just a feeling. These stories are strange - curious - & awesome. It's all I can do to grab little pieces of the info I get from flow, and try to bring them to life over time.

Now, getting ANNOYING PHONE CALLS obviously disrupts flow! This is the original reason of why I'm here. But we know, micro-distractions don't only comes from unwanted calls. That's just what KarmaCall's built to solve today, by paying you to block unknown calls and letting bold strangers use Refunds to authenticate themselves to you.

Long-term, we're looking towards disrupting micro-distractions in general. They come from texts, social media DMs, chats, emails, and more. They create 10s of billions of dollars of fraud/scams from imposters. Let's briefly reflect on the thought of unsolicited communications in general:

  • Imagine how much better your life would be if you could get paid to ignore anything that didn't result in some meaningful (or fun) new connection / experience for you.
  • How much better could society be, if we could trust inbound unsolicited communications or at least get compensated for the time it took from us?

The more people that join us on this journey, the sooner we'll get answers to these kinds of questions. I hope you'll join me for this journey as we convert unsolicited communications into something that works for us. Let me know what you think of the app, if you find yourself not wanting to download it, I'd love to hear your feedback on why that is.